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Tips For Removing Bumper Stickers From Your Car

The sale of a car can be highly facilitated by the use of bumper stickers where they are used as marketing and advertising tools for cars. Bumper stickers have been very popular marketing and advertising tools for many individuals and businesses simply because of the advantages. The first advantage of the bumper stickers is that they are very cheap and thus easily produced in bulk. The distribution of the bumper stickers is very easy and full of fun as one is able to show people what he or she is and the products on sale. Lastly, bumper stickers help to reinforce the brand identity.

Excessive stay of the bumper stickers on your car may end up affecting its look and thus the need to immediately remove them from your car once you are done with them. There are several tips that can be very helpful when it comes to removing bumper stickers from your car especially in cases where the buyer does not want to take them. The following are some top tips that can help you easily remove a bumper sticker from your car.

The first tip for removing bumper stickers from your car is blowing hot hair and the best tool to use here is the hair dryer. The hotter the air, the faster the stickers get off your car and when blowing hot air on the stickers, hold the dryer a bit close to the stickers. The other way of removing bumper stickers from your car is using cloth steamer where you can hold it five inches away from the sticker and easily loosen the adhesive for quicker removal of the sticker from the car. As you steam the sticker, ensure that you steam every section of the sticker as you move around to avoid damaging the surface of your car.

By distributing the steam equally around the bumper sticker on your car, the adhesive loosens gently and thus being able to easily peel the sticker using your hands. The other method of removing bumper sticker from your car is by the use of a plastic scrappers like credit cards or plastic putty knives. However, this is not the best method if you want to remove the sticker quickly as it can take some time. The last great tick that can help you remove bumper stickers from your car is spraying the window cleaner, chip and pull them slowly.